Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cute as a B....anana...

^My Sister- The Cute Banana. Read on...

 Yes, I know it's been over a month since I've posted as my mother so kindly reminded me and that it IS amusing and a little ironic that my last post was entitled "Taking a Day Off" and then I took over a month off! Then my sister told me a funny story of something that happened to her that I must (with her permission) re-tell and tonight I heard an inspiring story on the radio that made me get all in writing mode. (The radio post will come tomorrow or in a couple of days.)

   I'm going to call this post a testimonial. From someone who got inspired from reading the blog to try and put in some extra effort to herself! If you send me a story of something that happened to you or a change you made because of reading this blog, if you want me to, I will re-post the story in order to inspire others!  Send your story privately, not in a comment so as not to ruin the surprise of the post! I don't know if blogspot does private posts so you can always email me: 

   Moving on- my sister calls me and says "I guess this looking cute everywhere you go thing does work ha!" (or something to that effect) Her story is as follows: (as closely to the truth as I remember...I remember the important parts anyway!)

   My sister, Claressa, was grocery shopping and standing by some bananas, inspecting which fruit to buy I should think, when a funny little man with an accent, standing next to her says something odd like, 
"Good day to buy bananas!" 
Claressa awkwardly agreed, "Uh...yeah."
   Continuing the conversation, the man shakes his head at the mushy, older bananas he was looking at and referred to them as "grandma bananas". 
   My sister kindly pointed to the other side of the stand and tells him, "There are better bananas over there." He thanked her and as he was moving to the better bananas he compliments her, 
   "You look fresh banana!"

   A few things to point out here.

1. Claressa was grocery shopping. Why is this important? Because it is a minuscule and in my opinion, slightly boring chore that some people will do in their pajamas. Particularly at Walmart.

2. She was nice. Me? I would have automatically tried to skidaddle at the very first sentence. "Good day to buy bananas"? How is one day better than another to buy bananas?? ...but not Claressa. No sir-ee. She smiled and ushered him to the 'cuter' bananas that weren't so grandmotherly.

3. Compliments = Confidence and that's okay! Even if it was an unusual compliment, it made her laugh and feel good. Good enough to call specifically to laugh and tell me about it.

4. She took the time to get ready for errands. I guess this and point 1 go hand in hand. Errands. No one to impress. Husband at work. Don't have to be professional. Just running out and coming back. But still, she took a little extra time to do her hair and make up. Maybe she didn't have a wedding up-do done or stage make up, but a little combing, a little flat iron on the bangs, a little mascara and eyeliner goes a long way and I'm willing to bet, although I could be wrong, but I bet she felt better and more motivated to run her errands and quite possibly was treated better by those serving her. Definitely better than if she'd gone in there in pajamas!

Now, I have to admit, I was getting lazy on the looking nice thing then my sister told me that story and I knew I should get back to the grinding stone. Hope this has helped to encourage any readers, or at least make you chuckle a bit!

Yes, I found this picture on the internet. It's perfect!!

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  1. Haha what a funny story! I would have run away too! Good reminder to try to always look nice!