Thursday, December 6, 2012

Take a Day Off

    As I lay on my bed with my laptop on my knee, I thought "I haven't blogged in what I should I blog about; I do feel like writing." Then I thought about my blog and about beauty and about looking nice and feeling better about yourself. Then I thought about what I look like right now. As gross as it is, I worked out earlier and have not showered yet because I'm home alone and just been cleaning all day. Plus a combination of dawn dish soap and vinegar are in both shower and tub for the next hour. (Found this pic on and it leads to the above concoction. I'm testing it out.) 

So anyways, my hairs piled on my head, bangs pinned back, no make up, nail polish is chipped and I'm wearing shorts and a tank. The tank has holes in it from my former room mate's cat using it as her scratching post. Yup, I'm a sight for sore eyes. Or I think that's how that saying is used.

Anyways, this is my thought process.

Looking good all the time is great and fun and you feel good. I do, anyway. However, it's a lot of work. Since I've started this blog, I've been much more aware of how I look (partly for fear that someone who reads my blog will see me looking awful and judge me. Just kidding....kind of!). So I've really been trying to do my hair and make up whenever I leave the house, and even do day time make up for my husband instead of staying in my pajamas all day every day. (Or at least when I'm not working).

So, I have made a decision. One needs a day off. They give you days off at work don't they? They don't want you overworked or then when you DO work, your work will be mediocre. Same with what you look like! If you get overwhelmed with it all, you'll end up slapping on minimal make up and styling your hair in your 'go-to' way...eventually your efforts will end up mediocre and you'll be back to that same blah feeling like before.
Why don't you take a day off? Preferably your cleaning day. Today I am doing laundry, testing cleaning cocktails on my tub and shower; I vacuumed and dusted, cleaned both bathrooms, and after this I'll work up the courage to tackle the dishes before my husband gets home and sees them STILL sitting on the counter. I have no grocery shopping to do or errands to run so my blah face and body can stay safely at home.

In conclusion, take a day off from making your statement. It will boost your efforts the other days. It may even remind you of that blah feeling which we all hate! I don't want to hate my clothes and my hair and think I'm fat and see all my zits...I prefer to feel confident and beautiful! And today, even though I've only been home and cleaning, I remember that blahness that's no fun.

I will mention, I felt very unmotivated the first 2 hours this morning and I knew that if I just got up and got dressed, combed my hair, and possibly put on a little mascara and chap stick, just for myself, that I would feel better and ready to start the day. However, I am human and I just lazed around instead. 
I will also add that I will be showering and putting on make up and doing my hair before my husband gets home. He came home for lunch and saw me like this, which is fine, he loves me anyway, but there's no reason for me to stay like this all night to!

Sidenote: I am working on a blog "let's hear it from the men" which is going to be really fun! I just have to think of the exact questions to ask on the survey. If you have any ideas that you would like to include in the survey, regarding how men think about all of these issues, please let me know, I'd love to hear from you!!


  1. I never wear make up while cleaning hah every girl is so different its fun to hear everyones side. I try to wear as little make up as possible i feel much more confident and happy when im natural and get a compliment then when i have make up on plus its less effort! All i care about is what my husband thinks if he was one that like all the get up i would be doing that daily. Fortunately he is one that would throw away my make up if it were up to him and gives me the most compliments on my bed head :) let me know if that shower thing works our bathtub gets so dirty so stinkin fast its insane.

  2. That's so cute! When I post the survey, you should ask Josiah the questions and see how the guys answers differ! And btw, the vinegar/dish soap thing works like a charm! I'm so impressed!!! There was build up of who KNOWS how long. We've only lived here a couple weeks and the previous tenants did NOT take care of the house but the mix took it right off!!

  3. i am loving this! Such a great blog! and i like it, everyone for sure needs what i call "a lounge day" those for sure are needed to just unwind and relax! to much go go go! will cause such a craziness, some nights are just Pj's, soup, cuddling, reading, etc kinda nights :D and i think as a husband and wife those moments are SO needed! one friend always told me "always take time to do NOTHING together" at first i was like "huh?" and than later i understood fully what she meant, take time to just sit and DO nothing other than being together and having fun! its truly remarkable how busy we human beings can get!! sometimes "nothing" is better than "something" ;) that balance is nice.

  4. Haha ya every Sunday I feel like a million bucks! because u always take the time to look nice!

  5. Today is my day off too. I've been running around all week, and will be tomorrow too, but today I needed to stay home and pull the house together. Also can you say "doing the books," you know what THAT means! Actually...I do have the victory over just takes some time. ANYway! Gonna do a mom-thing here...correction: sight for sore eyes means if someone's eyes are "sore," and they look at something beautiful, that beautiful thing is a "sight for sore eyes." As in healing and restorative. So I think the meaning is actually opposite. Ok, Mom moment over. By the way, my day off has may have involved a lot of Pinterest and Instagram. And my new (to me) phone. Someone needs to take my toys away and ground me from playing with them cuz I'm not getting anything done. Can you say, "do the books..."

  6. Mrs Fay: Thanks so much I'm glad you like it! "A lounge day"- I love it! I'm gonna call it that haha. I totally get that!! The minute I realized how nice it was to sit and do absolutely nothing is when I started wondering if I was getting old haha!! Actually my husband totally doesn't mind silence and just being together but not talking or anything and in the beginning of us dating I had to get used to that, but I actually enjoy it now to. Just being together even if it's quiet :)

    Kara: Exactly! And apparently our husbands feel like a million bucks simply because we do! crazy!!

    Mariah: Haha...oh the books...The dreaded day every month lol! Thanks for the correction, it didn't sound right but I wrote it anyway lol. You can post pics now to Instagram right? yay for new (to you) phones lol

  7. So... I've been sick the past week. One night before church my ol' fiance came by, and I looked rugged (I know I did, my nose was red from tissue burn, no makeup, etc) and he just melted my little heart by telling me how beautiful I am. Now, I TOTALLY understand what you mean about "looking good for ur man" we'll have the rest of our lives for him to see me sickly-like, but before he left I promised him I'd look way better the next time he'd see me... a promise I intend to keep. Got any tips? I wish I was more creative with hair ideas, I feel like I always do the same thing.

  8. Rosa Benson: Omg that is TO cute! He's a keeper ;) I bet you look beautiful even when you're sick though! ideas. Have you read my tip and tricks post? Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference! Like if you don't normally wear a colored lipstick or blush or eyeliner; adding one of those (or all if you're that daring!) makes a guy know something is special and different but they usually can't pinpoint what, which is the best part, because you don't wanna be all "BAM I LOOK DIFFERENT DON'T I" but then you don't wanna be like "Have you noticed something different about me? You haven't? What if I gave you a hint..." lol.
    As for hair, I personally love it when you curl it but if you're looking for different, I never see your hair up, it might be a nice change for you. Or bangs. I always suggest bangs. Love a bang!

  9. I love this blog, Britt!! Seeing as I'm in a long-distance relationship, I never thought I would need to "keep up" all the time. That was my mentality in the beginning. Then he'd randomly ask for a picture and I'd have to send him one a half hour later when my hair was did and my makeup was applied. Haha! Then I also started thinking that I should present myself like he always sees me all the time! I started trying to apply my makeup BEFORE I went places (like, not applying in my car on the way) and it really has made a difference!! Now my hair on the other hand... Haha! Its to a length where I can style it a little more but I need ideas cuz I also feel like I do the same thing! Do you think bangs go with curly hair too? One of my friends always looks so stylish, makeup applied, hair did and I think, she has way more time than I do. But then I remembered she's a mom, goes to school full time and works full time... And even has time to work out. So... I have no excuse. Lol I love that your blog has inspired me to always look MY best. Lol, it reaaally does make a difference! <3

  10. Hi Jessica.. Wow thank you so much for your comment! I'm SO glad you like my blog!!
    Oh I know that feeling: "picture? right now? how about tomorrow instead?" haha!
    Those type of girls, like your friend, are my inspiration for this blog; we all admire them deep down inside and wish we could do that! So that's why I write these. Like my sister...she recently went to Oregon to see her in-laws and my mom took her and her husband to the airport at crazy o'clock in the morning. My mom told me my sister had her hair done and make up on, including eye liner. To go on a plane. At that ungodly hour of the morning. Now that's my kind of gal ;)
    I'll be also posting some tutorials for different lengths and types of hair. Just simple stuff to get the ball rolling in the 'I want something different with my hair' arena!
    As for doing bangs go with curly hair? Oh my yes! There's so many different kinds of bangs I feel like everyone can have some style of bang. It's just a matter of finding the right kind for you.
    Thanks again for your comment, I loved it!!!

    1. Haha in regards to the mention of my makeup'd face and hair done to get on the plane at crazy o'clock in the morning...the key word in there was IN-LAWS! I was meeting them for the first time and I didn't want them to think their grandson married a bum! :)
      But really Britt, your blog really has helped motivate the way I "do" myself every day. I'm trying to not go to the grocery store looking like I just was at the gym (unless I WAS actually just at the gym). I noticed a difference in the way people treated me and in my own confidence level too. I got lots of help from the grocery store staff when I needed it, and assistance was offered. Now either they felt sorry for me as they would to a little old lady, or it could have been that since I looked like I took care of myself, they were more inclined to help take care of me. I don't know, but whatever the case, my day is definitely better when i take a couple extra minutes in the morning. THANKS TO BRITT!!!! :-D