Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's the little things that count.

        This 2 year old even knows how to look put together! It's all in the pose, baby, all in the pose.

    Pretend to look good. Sounds lame. Why would I want to pretend? Ooh ooh I know! I don't have time to get completely ready...or I don't feel like it...or I just straight up don't want to, but still want to look good!

   There are a few ways that you can look put together and probably feel better about yourself to and it's all in the little things. When you see someone with all the little things done, (little things are outlined below) you think "Now there's a girl that takes care of herself, even in the little things." And for some reason, her messy 'do now seems somewhat stylish and her mismatched outfit is quite the statement. Let's look at these little things.

   1. Painting your nails. Ever seen a 'good girl' (a girl that's good at being a girl. I have an upcoming giveaway idea regarding being a 'good girl') with chipped nails? No. That's because they understand that freshly painted finger nails (and toes if they will be seen) gives the glamour touch, no matter what you're wearing.

   2.  Waxing/Tweezing your eyebrows. Eyebrows make a huge difference to how your face looks. You'd never realize it until you try it. Bushy, unruly eyebrows make it hard for eye make up to look good or eyes to stand out and we all know we want our eyes to stand out. Shaped eyebrows make for a much cleaner, kept look. This goes for mustaches to. Don't pretend you don't have one. Except don't try and shape it. Just get rid of it.

   3. BangsThis was mentioned in a previous post. If you don't have time to do your hair, rather than taking the time on your style and pinning your bangs back, switch it up; if you style your bangs, it looks like you did your hair, even when you just threw it in a ponytail. People notice the front of your head before they notice the back.

   4.  Chap stick. Chapped lips always makes one feel icky and look fairly blotchy. When you're lips are a pretty color and healthy, your whole face seems smoother.

   5.  Standing up straight. Sounds trivial but makes a huge difference. Especially when I'm having a 'I'm feeling fat' day.

   6. Perfume. Smelling good makes everyone think you look good. Don't overkill but a few spritzes and especially deodorant goes a long way. The senses are connected. People who smell good generally look good.

   7. SMILEFind something to be happy about! Joyful people are never ugly. Even if someone isn't drop dead super model gorgeous, when she is friendly and happy, you can never say she's anything less than beautiful inside and out.

   8. Touching up regrowth. If you can't keep up with how fast your hair grows, opt for a color that's closer to your natural. Sure, the 'ombre' is in style but the truth is, you can tell when someone has the ombre and when someone just hasn't done their hair. Plus, when your hair is annoying, life is annoying. Regrowth tends to look greasy and un-kept. Chances are if you haven't colored your regrowth, you haven't had a hair cut and your hair is probably feeling too heavy and bulky along with the rest of the problems. I always feel like my hair is uncooperative and my face is fat and blotchy and my make up is defective when my hair needs to be done. Not worth it!

   9. Accept complimentsI have a hard time with this one but it is true... when someone compliments you, just say thank you. Don't turn it into a negative comment or downplay. Eg/ Sally says "Mary, you look so pretty today, I love that dress!" Mary replies, "Ugh, I just wore this dress because it covers all my lumpiness." Then Sally feels obligated to say "What lumpiness?!! You're crazy!" and her compliment has been successfully diminished and voided out. Over time, Sally will stop complimenting Mary because it won't help. Mary will always see herself in a negative light and nothing Sally says will make any difference. Just don't put yourself down. Let others' compliments build up your confidence. (Just don't rely on them for it!)

   10. Clear lip gloss. A touch of foundation to take away redness from lips (unless red lips works for you!) and a coat of clear lip gloss does wonders for the face. If you can pair it with a swipe of mascara across your lashes that'll open up your eyes, making you look prettier and brighter for the day ahead.

   11. Bonus roundback comb it. I'm not talking Amy Winehouse. Or even my gorgeous sister who allowed me to dress her up as a Who character from a Grinch themed hair show when I was in beauty school. (see the picture in post titled Tips and Tricks or click here: Tips and tricks). I'm talking about a little teasing in the crown of your head. It makes greasy hair last another day and gives you a little boost so you don't feel so flat.


  1. Ok. So this means you need to get on a plane stat and do my regrowth. ;-)

  2. I can pull chap stick. I can pull that much off.

    1. Then that's awesome! It's not like you need much more pen!!